Wednesday, September 1, 2010


From this time on, I hurriedly wait for sleep....
Everyday, I race through the people, oblivious of the car horns intruding,
the chitty chats gossiping, the annoying laughter, the mischevious giggles and peeps....
Everyday, I notice in my abscent mind; the people who make me cry, those who make me laugh,those who try so hard to please and the others who try to weave, weave the other emotions i can feel even a thousand miles away in their minds eye....
Everyday, I Pray; that this constant disease of mine would magically disappear and leave my soul to spare.
Everyday, I wish away these many trickles of rain runing me down.
Everyday, I see the walking ripples of my emotions move in haste,
Everyday, I pray that these mixed emotions would not leave me in cuts and tear,
Everyday, I race,
Everyday, I wish,
Everyday, I notice,
Everyday......hurriedly through these emotions; EVERYDAY.......

My name is LAURA and I write about emotions and thoughts on this BLOG.

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