Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have a dream, I have a dream; a dream about you and me, a dream full of possibilities, a dream about our strength and weaknesses, our smiles and tears, our pain and our gains, our failures and victories, our regrets and nostalgias, that our experiences; good and bad shall be remembered.
That whatever brought you and I to this point, shall be filled with no regrets, shall be filled with nostalgia reminiscent of the good things.
That after every phase of our mourning, or grieve, time becomes an ally, rather than a foe.
That our weaknesses are not made to override our strengths, that our opportunities are not missed by our threats and fears of the unknown, that we do not allow our fears to take over the minutest of opportunities to show our powerful measure.
I have had a dream; I have had this pregnant thought, of everything good and fancy, who wouldn’t want a life full of candy.
I have had this dream, that you and I would be a team, that you and I would live this conception of building all the “glossy” wonderful intentions.
I lived with this dream, though very short, I lived this dream and I still live this dream of what we once shared, a dream contained with “what if’s, what not’s and what could have been”.
I hear from far and near that “if wishes were horses, beggars would in fact FLY”, well I would say “IF TIME WERE A HUMAN BEING I WOULD BEG TO BE A FRIEND”….
But it is only in my dream that time becomes my friend, it is only in my dream that time is an ally, it is only in my dreams that time would go back to when it was all not a dream…..
I have a dream and I have a reality, I have a dream but my reality falls at its distance, my emotions float with sweetness in my dreams. And my reality, I wish away even in my dream; for it is only in my dream that time is an ally…..
You Inspired this FIIFI….
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