Wednesday, August 25, 2010


UNREQUITED! Heard the word before? Well I guess giving the dictionary meaning to the word would be boring and then again my blog is so not for classroom lessons but “street knowledge, common sense, and a place to share your emotions and your thoughts on how you feel, how you felt, and all the emotional hurdles and of course share your emotional experience, if you want an opinion; I would be glad to give or better still we would all be glad to give opinions, but anyway enough of that.
As I retorted earlier, Unrequited could basically mean “Unanswered, Unreturned” etc.
Imagine showing care and love, time and money, body and all to someone and getting nothing in return? Imagine even not getting a mere thank you for something you went at lengths to do for a friend, your mother or your dad or your siblings or even a stranger, you wonder why the person did not show appreciation obviously by saying thank you!
So imagine getting the same treatment with the Man you love or the Woman you love? Trust me, that’s a road that is painful of course because emotions are involved. It always gets twisted and painful when your emotions are involved. I have been there before and for a passionate person like me; the more I felt unappreciated for the little things I did, the little efforts I put into making the little moments my partner and I had moments to remember; the more I got bitter and the more I saw myself hating him.
But mine we would certainly talk about; remember the Romeo and Juliet story? What people have forgotten is that the story in the beginning actually talks about Romeo’s first love Roslyn, it further talks of the love from Roslyn being UNREQUITTED, and the effects which I would presume were drastic.
I guess Roslyn and Romeo’s issue has been forgotten often because it made no news right? The thing is that quite a lot of the unrequited issues in relationships never become an issue; maybe to the receiver it isn’t, because he\she would not appreciate it, it is only news to the giver but the pain sips slowly to the bowels of the soul, saliently waiting to pop up every now and then.
The little experience I have, had taught me that it is one thing not to be APPRECIATED; but its another Not to LOVE YOURSELF OR HAVE “SELF APPRECIATION”.
Now maybe the premise most people in love work with is that “if I do this, I’ll get this in return or more specific I would be loved more”. So what if you are not? Yeah; raise the eyebrow but it is typically in most cases. It is either we have high expectations, or we are of the belief that what we are doing would change something in the relationship or how the person feels about you.
Hallelujah to those who get that; but 99% DON’T!
My point is that whiles you day dream about the smiles and the “I love you” you would get or even the thank you, think also about what if I DON’T GET ANYTHING AT AL? OR WHAT IF THINGS DON’T GO THE WAY I HAVE PLANNED?
Many of us fear the eminent, whiles others the unknown, though generally it’s a case of fearing the unknown sometimes we also fear what our instincts feel or what our “third eye” sees and that is not the nicest feeling. A friend and loved one who indeed has inspired a lot of the experiences (good and bad) with whom I have had the most amazing relationship and have gone through my life’s most bitter experiences too; once told me that “this life is all about perspectives” and really our perspectives change the way we think, the way we relate to people etc maybe your experiences may change the way you think or behave but your foundation i.e. your perspective should be positive enough to transcend the other aspects of your life.
My point here people is that contrary to the saying that we are what we eat; we are more in a lot of ways what we think than what we eat.
Listen even in my young age it hasn’t been easy, I have had to learn the hard way when I thought I knew quite enough to move on and I have had to cry too many times for love or a broken heart or betrayal and yes I am human so when I get those moments of heartbreak, betrayal, disappointment I do cry, I cry so bad, I cry it all out and don’t stop the tears but after all that i clear my head, and pick up the pieces if it’s possible, if it’s not I find positivity and move.
Unrequited love or not being appreciated is hard, it’s a hard pill but don’t change your perspective of positivity, yes the moment it would be the horrible time of your life but after mourning not getting your love returned or being not appreciated especially from your loved one, YOU JUST HAVE TO MOVE ON.HARD AS IT IS, YOU HAVE TO MOVE…..
My name is LAURA and I share emotions on this blog……..

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