Thursday, June 10, 2010



WHAT?! OOOh please! Did I say something wrong?
Did I say something YOU HAVEN’T DONE BEFORE? lol
Now you are talking, BRING IT ON PEOPLE!
My high-tech PDA phone is a year old since I got it as a gift…
A year on, I still haven’t figured out the phone! It’s still complex.
Now on one of the days when I was dying of boredom; I picked up the phone and then “PRESTO”!
I was utterly amazed at what I saw and what I had to go through to uncover the pictures before my eyes, I couldn’t believe I had to even use phone codes which was also somewhere on the phone to open this folder!
Enough with the suspense, what actually attracted my curiosity antenna to the folder had to do with the title of the folder:
Yeah! You are green-eyed already …..
Still pictures of SEXUAL POSITIONS!
This actually inspired this piece, LETS TALK ABOUT SEX!
Tell me your favorite sexual positions and I would give you a full detail and even go on to tell you about it s health implications, pleasures and pros and cons.
The missionary, the rider, supported the unconventional Tree position et al.
Trust me; there’s a lot where that came from. Why most of us find it difficult to talk about sex, its pleasures and displeasures; I would need a whole thesis to understand.
But really I am curious, how would you want your love night served?
• Studies have shown that good sex reliefs one of headaches, research has also proved that after good sex; Having sex once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which can protect you from getting colds and other infections.

• Reduced risk of heart disease: In a 2001 follow-up to the Queens University study mentioned above, researchers focused on cardiovascular health, their findings? That by having sex three or more times a week, men reduced their risk of heart attack or stroke by half.
Need I say more? Lol As I said “LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX”
I’ll let you in on a little bit of mine; has to be spontaneous& romantic, a kiss here, a caress there, nibbling of the nose here, a pinch there (ooh ouch) and wet soft kisses on the neck and a little sweet talk and then fore play can begin, mind you I really have to be into you? Oh else; all you would be up to no good!
I once co-hosted a television show where we discussed LOVE, CO-HABITATION, and PAIN& RELATIONSHIPS IN GENERAL and then on special days we talked exclusively about SEX! People were delighted, (besides their faces weren’t seen when they called), our fun base was enough stronghold for the creative content department we fell under (besides their faces weren’t seen when they called)
The men talked about penis enlargement and satisfying their partners to pre-mature ejaculation to oral sex hmmm, I’ll stop there!
The women, plenty! The fact that many never reached orgasm (some didn’t even know how it felt like to even tell if they ever had one), some talked generally of HOW UNROMANTIC MOST MEN WHERE (some said& I quote: They think SEX is just about sticking IT IN), heartbreaks of many forms and a whole lot but the show stopper for the ever growing audience was the “Kama sutra book” on SEXUAL POSTIONS!
Ok the aim really of this piece is to make you and I understand that there’s nothing wrong with talking about SEX in the open! YOU ENJOYED IT PLEASE SAY SO! YOU DIDN’T ENJOY IT! SAY SO! AND PLEASE STOP FAKING THE ORGASIM! (I know the men won’t know the difference between a fake orgasm and a real orgasm but come to think of it; who would you be fooling, when you don’t experience the cloud 9?)
And men, do you have to be that selfish even in the bedroom? When you “come”, you are done! Then you roll over and start snoring! No wonder most times the women just want to break your ego bubbles with “small penis accusations” and “no skill accusations” and all that.
I guess knowing your partner and what He/She likes does a lot of good but I still want to know yours….
So I invite you to tell me your favorite sex position and let’s discuss its pleasures if any!
Do women experience orgasm at all in their lifetime?
What is it with size?
Which would you choose; SIZE OR SKILLS?
What is it with the male ego and satisfying a woman?
What’s with the men and the “auto-pilot penis” or should I say “penis emancipation from the brain” ANY TIME A WOMAN SNUGGLES UP TO THE MAN TO BE CUDDLED?
And why is it for many men our expression of LOVE HAS TO BE SEX MOST OF THE TIME?



  1. In answer to your questions:I want skills, some men have size and no skills, such waste.Yes, women have orgasms(had 1 dis mo.....)lol. My favoutite position???? plenty, including the ones here

  2. oooh yeh!now that's what am talking about!I checked out the cosmo website!hmmmmm!am inspired.
    am delighted you have orgasms but the question's when u do fake it, does your partner reliase it?forget the "bad boys' who think they know when a woman does...THEY DON'T!
    AND i also think skills matters but doesn't size make up for the skills?
    imagine your partner has the skills,u wld lack somewhere ryt?