Friday, June 4, 2010


Why I am talking about this at all? Hmm, for sometime I have asked myself which one it is (seriously I get confused too (trust me it’s amazing how we all get confused at the least stuff).
Any way what prompted even more this is a conversation I eavesdropped a week ago between A woman and her confused partner who even made things worse for himself with his Ignorance in a female argument! And it’s as follows:
Girl-“Aaaah? You are not romantic at all? What is the SEX WAS GOOD? You make it sound like there were no emotions attached to it!”
Guy- “What? But we had sex didn’t we?”
Girl – “Am disappointed in you Frank! I thought you were that romantic and kind with words? What happened to you?(ok seriously let me sound a little cynical here… the guy is just being a man? Since when did men stop being men? Like it or not even in their 50’s THEY ARE STILL BOYS! CUT HIM SOME SLACK RIGHT?)
Guy – “Me? What did I do now? We had SEX! By the way how am I supposed to say it? It was sexual intercourse we had right?”
Girl – “You know what? Forget it, its endless talking to you about this, but just so you know; I thought of you better than this….
Then came the silence that follows when there’s being an unsatisfactory argument, I knew then that this Issue wasn’t over. And am sure the guy knew that.
Now to my confusion! Which is it SEX? MAKING LOVE? OR WHAT IS IT, SEXUAL INTERCOURSE?
Now the English dictionary has definitions for all of this BUT FOR MAKING LOVE! Hmmm should be disappointed too? I mean the fact that MAKING LOVE (the preferred word) is not featured in the dictionary?
So people help me OUT HERE OR AM SURE I’LL ALSO GET ANGRY (like the young lady did in the conversation earlier.)
Ok, so I have thrown the invitation! “WHO IS THE SEXOLOGIST? Please put down your thoughts and help all the confused people (INCLUDING MYSELF I MUST ADD)
Why do the women want to hear “MAKE LOVE” rather than jus “SEX”? And WHY IN THE WORLD CAN’T THE MEN JUST GET THE DRIFT? For crying out loud that’s what the women want to hear!
Case and Point, tell them what they want to hear and have some peace of mind (are men oblivious or new to the saying, “if you can’t beat them; join them?)
I was chatting on facebook recently when I asked a male acquaintance the same question and hmmm don’t ask me-CONFUSION OVER WHICH IS RIGHT.
Another male acquaintance also gave pretty interesting comments, He said one (SEX) would be for exercise, and the other (obviously making love) is for procreation.
Interesting comments but hmm really isn’t it the same thing? In the process of “exercising, there’s procreation abi? Hmmmm
What a world, eh? With all the troubles we go through daily this one too make wahala!

Anyway, join the “confusion”… :)


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  2. First things first … like it or not, women tend to get themselves meddling in things and issues that only get them hurt or confused at the end of the day.
    The fact is sex is sex no matter how you chose to paint it. But where lies the distinction between sex as women don’t like to hear it and sex as in love making which women tend to prefer?
    Well, the brain is a very interesting organ and since it forms the essential part of our thoughts and reasoning, our thoughts and reasoning are very interesting too.
    In the woman’s thinking, sex revolves around intercourse without affection, love and passion and the opposite is love making i.e. intercourse with affection, love and passion.
    All things being equal, let us assume that there is a *TRUE disparity between sex and love making; what happens then if in a given scenario, the feeling or reasoning is not mutual or what if the guy does not believe or share that reasoning or school of thought?
    Basically, for a woman to feel good about she having had sex, she prefers she is told she had made love … hahahaha funny!
    All the same, I still do agree that at the end of the day, everything was at point in time something new and this something new was introduced by someone or some persons at some point(s) in time … so let us safely assume that there is sex and there is love making … thus guys should adopt to it … I have [after all, a woman would always love to hear what she wants to hear … no wonder they constantly get lied to … that is another topic for another day].

  3. let's get down to earth here, whether you call it sex or making love, it's all the same process right? or someone tell me something here?